Retail Development


At SiteRise, our mission is to streamline your entire retail expansion process and empower your team with the tools and knowledge to make informed decisions about your next retail location. The platform is built on nearly 25 years of experience and thousands of successful retail location builds.

Our goal is to build a single source of truth for your team so they can say goodbye to the noise and hello to focused, on-time delivery. From design to construction to executives, SiteRise brings your entire team on the same page.

SiteRise is part of the Oak Group, which is a full service team of experienced professionals specializing in rapid retail buildouts and new store openings. We operate with a keen attention to detail while always hitting deadlines and budgets.

SiteRise was built on 20+ years of retail knowledge

We built the SiteRise platform because we struggled through retail expansion nightmares of our own (Apple, Telsa and Gap) and knew there had to be a better way.

Where to Build

Location. Location. Location. Managing all opportunities to enter a market and ensure no deal is lost due to process.

What to Build

Determining which concept to place in a location and how to layout the space using data and machine learning to auto fit based on what works.

When to Build

Analysis of market position + portfolio coverage. The impact of a new location and how it will deliver on your strategic planning.

We've accidentally started a pun war during meetings - now it's a battle of wits.
Our team's daily fuel is coffee, but we suspect it's 90% caffeine and 10% magic.
Our team motto is "work hard, laugh harder" - it's been proven to increase productivity!
Our team chat is a mix of work-related discussions and memes - we have our priorities straight.
We once had a heated debate about which fictional character would win in a fight.

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Meet Our Team

Dillon Okner
Founder Partner
15+ years of retail construction + operations. Instrumental in helping Apple and Tesla expand their initial retail presence.
Nariman Shariat
Founding Partner
15+ years of retail construction + operations. Lead development of GAP and WeWork retail management software.
Matt Zuvella
Head of Sales + Marketing
10+ years of experience in Fortune 500 sales and enterprise marketing. Previously at ngmoco, DeNA and FamePick.
Kristen Evans
Head of Onboarding
Extensive international and domestic retail experience with companies that revolutionize the way people shop.
Head of UX
Heads the design and user experience of the platform. Building on years of experience in the industry he is bringing modern usability to our clients.
Mario Paulsen
Senior Engineer
Mario is our skilled software engineer who is passionate about building robust and scalable applications for our clients.
Maykel Oropeza
Sr. Frontend Engineer
Maykel is our talented UX designer who is passionate about creating intuitive and user-friendly experiences for our clients.
Ashley Briones- Oliveros
Ashley is our incredible operations manager that makes sure all SiteRise teams are operating effectively.
Lucia Osorio
Project Manager
Lucia is one of our dedicated PMs committed to helping our clients achieve their goals.
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