September 13, 2023
SiteRise Feature Spotlight: Dynamic Project Timelines
RIP Spreadsheets. You had a good run, it's time for dynamic project timelines.

The spreadsheet is dead

Invented in 1979, went mainstream with Microsoft Excel by 90s and then re-incarnated over the last decade by Smartsheets and AirTable. The spreadsheet has had a good run but it's time to move on. In today's era of specialization why are so many companies using still using software not built for their industry?

So many spend millions of dollars and thousands of man hours trying to make familiar tools like Excel, Google Docs or Smartsheets fit into their process and majority of the time, the end result is negligible then doing it all by hand. The retail construction industry is no different, for decades construction teams have relied on spreadsheet-based timelines to plan and track the progress of their projects. Why? Because that's how it had always been done. While spreadsheets provided a basic level of organization, they had limitations in terms of real-time updates, collaboration, and overall project visibility.

Enter SiteRise: Dynamic Timelines, a project management tool built on 30+ years of retail development to finally give your team the industry specific tools to succeed at scale.

From thousands of rows to one collaborative timeline

We were a little harsh on spreadsheets earlier, don't get us wrong they still have their place and in many retail development settings they can get the job done. The bottomline though is spreadsheets were built for static data entry, not fluid project timelines involving multiple teams. As brands start to scale a more tailored tool is needed and after 30+ years of using paper + spreadsheets, we decide to build that tool.

SiteRise Dynamic Timelines allow PMs, design teams, construction teams and everyone else to create, visualize, and manage project schedules in a more interactive and dynamic manner. These timelines (and their deliverables) can be accessed by all internal and external team members, providing a centralized platform for collaboration and communication. Unlike traditional spreadsheets, SiteRise timelines offer real-time updates and can automatically adjust project due dates and dependacies based on changes made by team members.

How is SiteRise different?

  • Real-time Updates: As team members make updates, the timeline changes in real-time, ensuring that all stakeholders have access to the most up-to-date information. This not only improves communications but also helps in making data-driven decisions.
  • Improved Collaboration: By moving away from spreadsheet-based timelines, construction teams can now collaborate more effectively. SiteRise provides a centralized platform for team members (both internal and external) to work together, eliminating the need for sending multiple versions of spreadsheets via email or stored in a Google Drive.. This improves transparency, reduces confusion, and allows for seamless coordination.
  • Enhanced Visualization: One of the key advantages of dynamic timelines is their ability to present project schedules in a visually appealing way. With clear and interactive visuals, team members can easily understand the progress of the project and identify potential bottlenecks or delays. This visual representation aids in proactive problem-solving, efficient resource allocation, and better overall project management.
  • Increased Efficiency: Dynamic timelines automate several manual processes like schedule re-calculations, reducing the administrative burden on construction teams. With the ability to set dependencies and timelines automatically adjusting based on changes, teams save valuable time that can be dedicated to more critical tasks.
  • Better Decision-making: With access to real-time data and visual representations of project progress, development teams can make informed decisions to mitigate risks, optimize resource allocation, and improve project outcomes. Dynamic timelines enable proactive decision-making, ensuring that teams stay on track and deliver on time.

Document Management System (DMS) Built-In

Another downside of using spreadsheet based tracking, is their inability to store documents and files natively. So teams have had to use Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive etc in collaboration with the master spreadsheet which leads to a whole new set of problems like supported file types, permissions and version control.

With SiteRise, all your project related files are stored directly on the project so you never lose track any files, even after the project is completed. Plus we made it really simple to actually use the files:

  • Version Control - Can't remember which lease version is the final one? Version control is built in natively with SiteRise to ensure your team is looking at the right one every time.
  • Photo Albums - Tired of categorizing 100s of site photos for every location? Upload them all to your SiteRise project
  • Preview Drawings - SiteRise is the only platform on the market today where you can view all pages of CAD and DWG files right in app. No need to download any additional software.
  • Auto Permissions - SiteRise user permissions can be defined at the company or project level, so you don't need to worry about sharing the right link on every document.
See the entire version history of every file
Ensure you are viewing the right version every time.

Built to Scale

For many retail development teams, they are not tasked with just opening one store but dozens at a time so as one location is opening they are already thinking about the next 5 that are under construction. SiteRise was built to help teams in this situation as your construction timeline is saved and can be redeployed on a new project in minutes.

Project templates can also vary as location (mall vs. stand alone building) or project types (new construction vs. refresh) can change over the life of a brand.

Plus as you complete more projects on the platform, SiteRise will identify areas of your schedule that can be improved.

Ready to get started?

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