February 1, 2024
SiteRise joins Occupier's #FullyOccupied Podcast
The ultimate goal of any retailer is to open doors faster.

SiteRise co-founder Dillon joins Matt Giffune on Occupier's #FullyOccupied Podcast to talk retail development and construction processes and software.

Show Notes:

Dillon Okner is a Co-Founder of SiteRise, a platform that helps companies, especially emerging retail brands, centralize their entire process for site selection and build out door openings for retail stores. Dillon has over 15 years of experience building out in-house software to help brands like Apple and Tesla expand their initial retail presence. He joins Matt Giffune to talk about some of the key challenges that retailers face when it comes to store planning, and how can technology solutions address these challenges.

Listen on Spotify >> https://open.spotify.com/episode/0SNNhaRnQGzTUd7JDcTd0b

Watch on Youtube >> https://youtu.be/wWD2piKZBHc?feature=shared

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