February 13, 2024
SiteRise Series: Brick-and-Mortar Fantasyland | Vol. 9
In this edition of Brick and Mortar Fantasy Land we look at Poppi, the natural alternative soda company who just dropped their first ever Super Bowl commercial.

Brick and Mortar Fantasyland | Volume Nine

In this edition of Brick and Mortar Fantasy Land we look at Poppi, the natural alternative soda company who just dropped their first ever Super Bowl commercial.

1. Poppi | Food & Drink

Founded by husband-and-wife duo Stephen and Allison and based in Austin, TX, poppi combines fruit juice, apple cider vinegar, and inulin prebiotics for a deliciously refreshing, full-of-flavor soda with benefits.

With the help of an investment on Shark Tank, poppi has gone from farmer's-market-favorite to sitting pretty on the shelves of thousands of retailers across the nation. Along the way, we’ve become beloved by some new besties like Hailey Bieber, Kylie Jenner, Billie Eilish, Russell Westbrook, JLo, Olivia Munn, and more.

2. Bad Birdie | Apparel and Sporting Goods

When Bad Birdie started, they gave golfers something they’d never had before. A bold print polo ready to disrupt an old game, invite people in, and create a new community of players.

Today, they are proud of their impact on the sport and the new generation of golfers on the course as they continue into additional apparel and sporting goods product lines.

3. LUNYA | Apparel

Lunya is on a mission to put our most crucial time on a pedestal. They believe time spent recharging is a gift to every part of life: we're better selves, partners, friends, parents, employees, pickleball players, you name it, when we're well rested.

This mantra threads through every part of their design process, resulting in thoughtful products that are made for reveling in the restful moments of everyday. Sleeping, dreaming, contemplating — moments that make you say, let’s go back to bed. The only thing we can’t do is cook you breakfast in the morning.

4. MeUndies | Apparel

MeUndies is a unique and innovative underwear and loungewear brand that focuses on creating softer-than-soft basics for everybody. They are passionate about creating comfortable and inspiring products that allow people to express their true selves. Their mission is to fuel authentic self-expression, while their vision is to create a more thoughtful and accepting world where living your truth is celebrated.

5. Mavi Jeans | Apparel

Mavi is a denim brand that was established in Istanbul in 1991. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, they have mastered fabric, washes, and denim technology. Mavi is committed to creating eco-friendly denim that uses less energy, water, and chemicals, and is made with sustainable materials. They aim to drive denim innovation in the industry.

Mavi controls the entire manufacturing process, from design to washing and production, ensuring the highest-quality sustainable and on-trend denim at attainable prices. Their mission has always been to create exceptional jeans in terms of fit and quality, while using fewer resources. They call this approach "All Blue" and believe that durable and purposeful styles that transcend time are the most sustainable.

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